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Stone villages and nature in the upper Maremma

Mountain biking itinerary among the loneliest and most authentic villages of northern Maremma

To travel this itinerary among the villages of the Maremma, start in Montieri. Here you take the 200 m uphill ramp that starts to the right of the Town Hall to reach the road behind the village where you continue to climb for 600 m to the crossroads with the State Road 11 "Pavone". There is a beautiful view to the right with the woods surrounding Gerfalco and the hillock above with the Cornate Nature Reserve.

The route continues to the left following two wooden signs indicating Cima Le Cornate and Fonte Il Canaluzzo. The road after 500 m becomes unpaved and you proceed downhill in the lush vegetation. After about 1 km, at a left bend, it is worth stopping to admire the view on the Cecina Valley, a river that originates near Gerfalco.

The dirt road continues downhill, alternating scenic spots with stretches covered by forest. Along the way you will encounter old and typical country cottages, some of them well restored. You continue, thus arriving at Lame, an ancient rural village and shortly after on the small hamlet of Travale. You pass near some farms and the descent ends in the valley floor at the bridge over the Cecina River, where the road is paved again.


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