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In the forests of the monks

An itinerary on mountain bike in the most symbolic places of the Casentino
by  Casentino

Along this itinerary, which crosses the symbolic places of the identity of the National Park Casentino Forest, there no great difficulties: the outward journey (after an initial stretch of asphalt) the route is all on forest track, which is usually well cyclable.

The return, after a junction of a couple of kilometers to reach La Calla, is on the scenic mule track of the summit watershed ridge (in fact now a forest road with a bar). Only the last stretch, about 1.5 kilometer, is on a very steep trail, and there is no shame in getting off the bike. Rather, as for hikers on foot, (the Calla-Eremo traverse is an absolute classic) and as the signs on site indicate, one should not underestimate the possible "climatic" difficulties of this tour that touches high altitudes and ridges exposed to the winds.


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