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Among the villages on the Tuscan side in Casentino

Mountain bike itinerary to discover ancient villages of the Casentino Apennines
by  Casentino

In this itinerary among the villages of the Casentino, we start from the village of Serravalle for a beautiful circular tour with frequent variations in the environment, from mixed deciduous forest to coniferous reforestations, chestnut groves, and traditionally planted crops. The route is also changeable, sometimes on steep and rough trails that require caution.

Among the small villages that can be crossed through the itinerary, such as Serravalle, Moggiona and Lierna, from a tourist-cultural point of view, the unexpectedly important Archaeological Museum of Partina should be mentioned, worthy of a stop both to catch one's breath (it is roughly halfway along the route) and for the pleasantness of the exhibition. Given the prevalence of sunny sections and relatively low elevations, we recommend this route for mid-season.


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