White Night in Florence: Creative insomnia

Friday April 30 2010 is White Night in Florence. The concept for this year's all-night event is "Creative Insomnia". The city has chosen a few hundred projects, from itinerant bands to special exhibitions to performance art, that will take place all over the city (and also beyond the historic walls). This is an event planned mainly by and for LOCALS, which is why if you're a tourist, you should go and participate in something truly unique. nottebianca

Late night museum openings on April 30

The following museums will be open with extended hours:

Palazzo Vecchio open until 6am. With various events and performances.

Palazzo Strozzi open until 5am. Go see the very psychological exhibit on De Chirico under conditions of total exhaustion!

Biblioteca delle Oblate (Library and cafe' space) open until 6am with various special events

Uffizi musuem open until Midnight.

Museo di Storia Naturale, Università di Firenze The university's science museums are open from 20 to 1am. These include the following locations:

  • Antropologia ed Etnologia (via del Proconsolo 12)
  • Geologia e Paleontologia (via Giorgio La Pira 4)
  • Mineralogia e Litologia (via Giorgio La Pira 4)
  • Zoologia “La Specola” (via Romana 17)

Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Firenze Scienza Open from 20.00 to 1am with FREE entrance to the exhibit Firenze Scienza. Le collezioni, i luoghi e i personaggi dell’800.

Museo Bardini - open from 19 to 2am 2 guided visits (in italian and english) at 20,30 and 22,30

Fondazione Salvatore Romano – Piazza Santo Spirito 29 Open 21 to midnight (special opening, normally closed) Every 20 minutes, free guided tours in Italian, English, and French!

Mostra dall’Artigianato – the artisans fair at the Fortezza da Basso is open with extra long hours through the night.

Some other creative arts projects

There are LOTS of interesting artistic projects happening the night of April 30th. This is just a sampling that I think will be particularly good quality and/or accessible to English speakers.
  • Pecha Kucha Night: another evening of creative projects presented with 20 slides, similar to the one I attended last month. In ITALIAN.
  • If you're into comics, check out the notte bianca a fumetti at the Biblioteca delle Oblate, with a free gift to all who participate. Draw on a giant board along with artists or check out the exhibit of a comic made specially for this event.
  • Intrecci contemporanei” performance and installation art by some of the city's leading contemporary art groups.
  • Inauguration of exhibit of performance art by Michelangelo Consani and presentation of the prize Premio EX3 Toscana Contemporanea 2010 for Tuscan contemporary artists under 40 at EX3.
  • In addition, music of all types in every corner of the city, some itinerant, some fixed... from classical to hip hop, get out and check it out!!
For more information see: www.insonniacreativa.it