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Laurie Anderson's Delusion at Ex3 in Florence

Laurie Oh yes! It's true, Laurie Anderson has chosen Florence for the Italian premiere of her Delusion show. The event have been included in the Florens 2010 event, the International Week on Cultural Heritage and Landscape that runs from November the 12th until the 20th in Florence. Today I met Laurie Anderson, poet, violinist, singer, sculptress, video artist, but especially a great experimental artist, also famouse for her music single "O Superman" and longtime partner of Lou Reed. But the definition that she likes most is simply a "Story teller". Delusion is Laurie's new multimedia show taking place tomorrow night at the the Contemporary Art Center EX3 (Viale Giannotti 81, Firenze). The performance was originally conceived as a theatre play, a dialogue between two persons, so it's a real dialogue combining violin, electronic puppetry, music and visuals and it finally doesn't bring anywere, it's a dialogue wthout resolution. It tells its story in the colourful and poetic language that has become Anderson's trademark. Anderson tells a complex story about longing, memory and identity. "What we want and how we want it, it's the main theme of Delusion. What makes the difference between a story and antother are just the words people uses to descrbe it" and that is exaclty what she tries to do in this show, "at the heart of Delusion is the pleasure of language and a terror that the world is made entirely of words". [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KoBVBB2iFwg[/youtube] The event have been organized by Nuovi Eventi Musicali in cooperation with Gruppo Cultura Impresa Confesercenti of Firenze, Culture Department of the Council of Florence and the EX3 Contemporary Art Center, with as a Main Sponsor Eni Spa. The Prices for I and II area are: 52-44 euro full price, 42-34 reduced prices (under 30, over 65). You can buy the tickets online throught boxoffice or by phone by calling here: oo39 055 2001875. manifesto laurie anderson @ firenze Laurie Anderson with Delusion, tomorrow night, Saturday November the 13th at 9pm. Centro D’arte contemporanea EX3 Viale Giannotti, 81, Firenze [geo_mashup_map]