Estate Fiesolana: summer events in Fiesole 2011

The Estate Fiesolana of Florence is a festival that offers theater, music and cinema taking place in Fiesole, a city 8 kilometers above Florence. The event takes place from the 20th of June till the 30th of August and is held in an ancient Roman amphitheater where theater, music and cinema are performed. The performances are inspired by classical music, prose, cinema, jazz, and art. This year will host the 63rd edition of the festival and like every year it hosts a number of Italian and international artists from many backgrounds and performing various arts, such as, the famous Italian pianist Giovanni Allevi and the famous nobel prize winner Dario Fò. Almost all events are performed at the ancient Roman Theater of Fiesole, a splendid Roman amphitheater which truly makes this event unique. The theater, which is still well preserved, is used for classic theater and has a capacity of about 3.000 people. The new stage of the amphitheater was completed two years ago, and is now used for the performances taking part during the festival. If you are a fan of the theater and if you're going to spend some time in Florence this summer you have to experience at least once one of the unique events organized at the Estate Fiesolana festival this summer! General Events Jazz Events Classical Music Events Art Events