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cava di marmo Carrara

Discovering Carrara's marble

An ancient tradition

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Carrara boasts numerous marble workshops all over the area. Visitors can attend exhibitions by well-known and emerging artists, as well as year-round events connected to the marble processing. Also not to be missed is the Civic Marble Museum—the starting point for this itinerary. From here, visitors can cross the Ponte di Vara and end up at the wonderful marble quarries. The Alberico Cybo Malaspina palace, located in the historic centre, is the home of the Fine Arts Academy, which hosts ancient, medieval and modern sculptures, and, today, is famous for the SculptureSchool.

Walking around the centre, the visitor can admire the Gothic-Romanesque Duomo, built between the 11th and 14th centuries. The Cathedral housese many 14th and 15th frescoes and sculptures as well as a work by Bergamini. Near the centre of Carrara, we find the Parco della Padula, a green space filled with exotic plants. For an amazing view, head up to Campocecina and admire the statues dedicated to the Shoah in the Morlungo, Cava dei Poeti, and the Parco della Memoria. In August, visitors can participate in the Lizzatura Festival, which celebrates the ancient method the quarrymen used to move marble blocks.


Source: APT Massa Carrara