Blue Night in Florence May 7th and 8th 2011

Florence will be the capital of Europe for four days during the European Festival taking place from the 6th until the 10th May 2011. Within the Eurpean Festival there will be a 27 hours kermesse, The Notte Blu, which program is pretty rich in cultural, music and theatre events. The Blue Night (Notte Blu in italian), is an events that aims to celebrate Florence as a part of the european union,  with all its different people, cultures, traditions, living together in one same country; this is also what distinguishes the Blue Night from the White Night (better known as Notte Bianca, taking place the 30th April in Florence). The Blue night will take place the 7th and 8th May, an unique experience lasting 27 hours  and taking place throughout the streets and squares, villas, shops, theaters of the city of Florence and it will involve its inhabitants with all their cultural differences. This event will be a moment of remark, but most of all, will be a moment of party and fun to share and celebrate besides cultural differences but, instead celebrating them! To check out the full program check out the official Notte Blu website. For a start there will be a concert at the Salone dei 500, organized in cooperation with the Hungarian consulate to celebrate the 200 years since the birth of Liszt. Plus, the same night, many European countries such ad Croatia and Turkey, and many others, will be contributing to the organization and to the enrichment of the exhibit about "innovation and creativity" and of the "future of the European Union" taking place in in Piazza Europa. Moreover, at the Odeon Theatre in Florence there will be four days dedicated to the eclectic and multifarious film production of the Old Continent. For the Festival d’Europa, from 6th to 9th May, at the cinema Odeon, previews, guests and music contaminations among jazz and percussions describing contemporary Europe, are planned. To go straight to all the music events click at here at the blue night music programme.