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Bike in Tuscany - the best articles

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, here in Tuscany you'll find the right trail, you can participate in professional competitions or just use the bike to discover our territory. We always talk about bike at AroundTuscany, now it is time to organize all articles for you. Have fun!
Biking in Tuscany
Biking in Tuscany

Four great bike trails in Tuscany

The first time we talked about bike in Tuscany it was here. You'll find 4 trails with Google Map.

Florence by bike: Arno River trail

This one is really easy, if you are a beginner you'll love it!
[Photo Credits: mcgurme]
[Photo Credits: mcgurme]

2013 World Road Championships

Florence hosts the 2013 world road championships - it was announced last September. Read the original article here.

Giro d'Italia

We have asked our friend Nina Peci about going to see Giro (she goes every year). Here is what she told us about Giro d'Italia.

Eroica 2010 Legendary Bike Tour

Do you have a vintage bike? So this one is for you! Crazy and fun: read more here.

Ciclomundi: bicycle festival in Siena

This is more than a bike tour, it's an event about bicycles and bike travelers. Read here.

Bike in Chianti