Panino con il Lampredotto
Meat and fish

Lampredotto sandwich in Florence

Traditional stalls in most of Florence's squares

Meat and fish
Florence is famous for its Lampredotto stalls which can be found in most piazzas. This meat sandwich filler is a part of the cow’s stomach cooked in broth containing herbs and tomatoes. Lampredotto is usually served in a sandwich with either a green sauce or a spicy sauce. Pieces are taken out of the pan and cut up before being put in the bread roll, half of which is soaked in the broth.

It is only known in Florence, has a long history that goes back to when the ‘leftover’ cuts of meat were all that the city’s poorest people could afford. Florentines are famous for making a virtue out of a necessity and this delicious dish is a classic example.
Just add salt, pepper, a little sauce and a glass of chianti and buon appetito!