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Wine, olive oil and honey

Honey from Alta Versilia

Nectar from the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps

Wine, olive oil and honey

Thanks to its climate and rich vegetation, the mountainous area in Alta Versilia and the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps is famous for its honey.
Here follows a brief description of the varieties of honey produced in the region: Chestnut honey is very liquid and dark amber in colour.It has an aromatic smell and quite bitter flavour. Acacia honey has a clear colour and a sweet, delicate flavour reminiscent of ripe fruit. Millefiori honey has a grainier consistency and sweeter flavour. It has a bitter aftertaste.

Melata di Abete honey
has a much darker colour. It’s flavour is similar to balsamic and it isn’t as sweet as other honeys. Its aroma is slightly resinous.
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