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Tizzone of Giustagnana

Cheese and cold cuts

One of the oldest products typical of the area that surrounds Lucca

The tizzone is a salami typical of Giustagnana, in the Seravezza municipality. It is available in two forms: one is elongated and weighs between 700g and 1kg, the other is rounded and weighs in at about 4-6kg. The flavour is intense, with a smokiness that gives the salami a unique taste.

The fat and thinner parts, once assorted, are kneaded manually with a mixture of selected aromas. Once made into a salami, it is dried in a cellar for a period that varies from 2 weeks to 3 months dependent on its size. Then it is conserved under ashes for between 1 and 4 months. The ashes that are used come from burning different types of woods, such as olive and chestnut, with the addition of pine. The time spent in conservation, other than to increase the preservation of the product, enrichens the aromas and allows the salami to take on a very particular taste, as well as developing the dark colours of the exterior. Once the maturation under the ashes is completed, the salami is aerated for no more than 5 days and is ready to be sold in restaurants and wine bars. 

This salami comes from an old tradition that came about around 1800, and today represents a true speciality connected to the area of Lucca.