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Farnetella's Infiorata


The traditional festival of flowers and arts

The custom of making floral carpets, which originated in Rome in the 18th century, has spread to many places in Italy and around the world. In Farnetella, where it began in the last decades of the 19th century and has been maintained to the present day, it takes on characteristics of particular value and quality, especially in relation to the small number of inhabitants of the village.  

The Farnetella Infiorata, scheduled on the ninth Sunday after Easter, is a festival of flowers, books and music, during which the entire community pours into the alleys of the village to make hundreds of meters of carpets and floral paintings. The work begins several months in advance with the planning of the sketches, designs and, most importantly, the harvesting and eventual drying of the flowers, which takes place in the fields surrounding Farnetella: the may (broom), rhombica, roses, poppies, cornflowers and other wildflowers.

The 2023 edition will begin on Saturday, June 10, in the picturesque setting of Piazza San Giovanni Battista, with the festival aimed at promoting the infiorata in all its facets, featuring authors and artists from all over Italy:
from 5:30 p.m., aperitivo with author Silvia Cassioli 
from 9 p.m., live concerts by Nasca and Anna Carol

On Sunday, June 11, from the early morning hours until 11 a.m., the alleys will be populated with people intent on making the portion of the carpet in front of their homes, a testimony to their love for their country and pride in making it beautiful. 
After the Holy Mass (11 a.m.), the Filarmonica "Pietro Mascagni" of Farnetella will accompany the Solemn Corpus Christi Procession.

All events are free and free admission

Event sponsored by the Municipality of Sinalunga, the Province of Siena and the Region of Tuscany.