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maschera di Carnevale a Lucca
Photo © - R. Giomi
Photo © - R. Giomi

Lucca in Mask


An incredible Carnival in the streets and squares, with papier-mâché works and a program for both younger and older people

Lucca changes its look and offers fun and engaging events and initiatives to bring the spirit of celebration and lightness to the city.

In the squares, the large papier-mâché works by Viareggio's float masters and a program for young and old.

The program:

  • Saturday, February 3
    Carnival San Francesco
    3 p.m. Piazza San Francesco
    A party for the little ones with games, fire-eaters, streamers and entertainment.
  • Sunday, February 4
    Parade of masked groups and miniature floats of 2024 Viareggio Carnival and marching bands
    from 3 p.m., from Porta Sant'Anna 
    Exhibitions and large screens with images of the 2024 Viareggio Carnival's floats, at Caffè delle Mura and in Piazza San Michele.
  • Sunday, February 11
    Carnival Fratta
    from 4 p.m., Piazza San Francesco
    The traditional Carnival with a party for children, music, street artists, street bands, guided visit and photo exhibition.
  • Saturday, February 17
    Carnival San Michele
    from 4 p.m., a party for the little ones with games, fire-eaters, streamers and entertainment, and Carnival sweets of Lucca's pastry chefs' tradition.
    at 5 p.m., at Casermetta San Donato's underground, an original puppet show
    from 7 p.m., the Allegra Baccanata in the city's venues
    at 9 p.m., in Piazza Anfiteatro, the PanPers
  • Sunday, February 25
    The kingdom of Carnival
    from 3 p.m., Villa Bottini 
    Recreational activities for children and families, workshops, juggling shows and special surprises