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Extra virgin olive oil tasting and visit to the San Gimignano oil mill

Tasting and food

Discover the tuscan extra virgin olive oil: a sensory and interactive experience between multimedia tours, tastings and shops

The San Gimignano oil mill is a place of production, but also of flavors and knowledge, curiosities and meetings, of ancient traditions and technological progress. The multimedia tour was created to bring all this wealth to life!

You will have the opportunity to walk around the production sites, meet the millers, and admire the machinery. The experience will be enriched by the presence of interactive panels, virtual reality stations, multi-touch tables and lecterns, in an engaging playful and educational journey into the world of the olive tree and Tuscan extra virgin olive oil.

The visit to the mill will be made even more special by a taste experience to discover the flavors of the tuscan tradition, thanks to the tasting of the Tuscan extra virgin olive oil produced in the mill, tasted both in a glass and on bread. 

The tasting will be accompanied by a technical explanation to grasp the different typical characteristics of Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. The gastronomic proposal will be further enriched by pecorino aged under olive leaves and, for the older ones, by the Olivello liqueur obtained from an infusion of olive tree leaves from the mill.

The visit to the San Gimignano oil mill ends with the opportunity to continue living these experiences on the table and in everyday life thanks to the shop that was born as a real hymn to the richness of extra virgin olive oil in all its different declinations. The shelves of the store offer the labels of oil from the mill, of which it will be possible to request a free taste, but also sauces, traditional country specialties, innovative gourmet solutions such as special oil-based chocolates, liqueurs and the rich line of products cosmetics based on PGI extra virgin olive oil, for the well-being of the body and face. The ideal place, therefore, to find and buy the best of the tuscan tradition.


Prices include

  • Interactive multimedia tour in the oil mill
  • Visit to processing, storage and bottling sites
  • Technical explanation of oil tasting
  • Tuscan PGI oil tasting and other specialities

Supplemental charges

  • Transport


Frantoio di San Gimignano
Loc. Casa alla Terra, 39
San Gimignano