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Villa di Galceto

Villa Galceto

This villa was built by F.M.G. Buondelmonti in the XVIII century

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As you draw near to the small town of Bagnolo along the Montalese road, the Villa Galceto (not open to the public) slowly rises into view. It sits near the San Isidoro Oratory, above the town’s roads, on the highest slopes of Monferrato.
The villa’s façade is linear and elegant with three sets of windows. The entrance to the house sits in a gallery below three framed arches.
The villa was built was by F.M.G. Buondelmonti in the XVIII century on the ruins of an ancient house. The house belonged to several different owners over the years until it came into the possession of the Doupoy family from Livorno who are remembered in Montemurlo for their generosity. One curious fact about the villa is that the famous poet Giosuè Carducci was a summer guest here and he admired it for its beauty and its comfort.
In this town you can admire the parish of St John the Baptist Beheaded
A plain-lying council in the province of Prato, Montemurlo has a population of about 17,000 inhabitants. Inside you can admire the parish of St. John, the Baptist beheaded, with its Gothic-style doorway, the lovely Campanaria Tower and the Montemurlo stronghold. ...