Villa Del Magro a Lucca (primo decennio XX secolo)

Villa del Magro

Lucca hosts unique architectural gem

viale Giusti, 331

This lovely villa, built at the turn of the century, has a square floor plan which includes three stories in addition to the cellar. It is covered by a pavilion which boasts a series of Marseilles tiles. The western side of the building faces the Circonvallazione, and on the south, there’s Viale Cadorna. The eastern side of the villa looks out onto the garden.
On the ground floor, you’ll find that the modular prospectuses are supported by faux rusticated pilasters, which frame the structure’s large arched openings. The building’s entrance is located on the west side. All of the entries boast wrought iron rostrums in the vaulted area and they are connected by a masonry band which runs along the archways. On the first floor, you’ll find vaulted windows that boast decorated frames, garlands and outlined shelves. On each of the main prospects, you’ll see large terraces with balustrades and pilasters. On the second floor, there are similar windows and terraces, yet they are of a much simpler variety compared to those on the lower floor. Each floor is emphasized by two unique frames that run horizontally along the façade. The building is a private reside and it is not possible to visit the interior.
(Source: the Province of Lucca)
L'edificio è una residenza privata e non è visitabile all'interno.
(Articolo a cura della Provincia di Lucca).

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