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Maternità - Venturino Venturi

Venturino Venturi Museum in Loro Ciuffenna

The house where the sculptor lived and worked is home to many of his pieces

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Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 15

The Venturino Venturi Museum in Loro Ciuffenna is located in the former home of the sculptor Venturi, who born right here in this village in the Valdarno in 1918. The house that the artist built at the end of the 1960s today hosts his works, an Archive, photo library, media library and periodicals.

The works are on display in various rooms, notably the atelier, preserved exactly as it was when the sculptor worked there. Visitors can admire a set of bronze sculptures known as The Ancestors, the bronze Seated Woman and the original cement bust of the architect Giovanni Michelucci.

The museum also has a patio from which visitors can admire a view of the Ciuffenna creek and the old water mill that still operates today.  

Info: terralauri.it

Loro Ciuffenna
Rich in history and medieval military architecture
In the town you can visit the museum in Palazzo Venturi, dedicated to the local artist Venturino Venturi, or retreat to the nearby parish of St. Peter in Gropina. EARLY HISTORY Even though there are no direct testimonies of particular importance, it is easy to believe the presence of the Etruscans and Romans in the Lorese area. ...