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riserva naturale Rocconi

The Rocconi Nature Reserve

A green oasis in the Mont'Amiata area

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The Rocconi Nature Reserve extends from the high valley of Albegna and comprises the municipalities of Semproniano and Roccalbegna. It covers some 371 hectares and another adjoining are of 253 hectares. This protected area is also part of a large area of the WWF Oasis (comprising 130 hectares). The landscape is made up of hills and mountains, the highest reaching up to 500 meters above sea level in the north and 200 meters above sea level to the south.  The area is marked by the Fosso Paradisone and has a geological morphology that varies and is irregular. In fact, some higher mountainsides are covered in limestone; others are characterized by caves and grottos, the most important of which is the Crepaccio di Rocconi grotto.
The Albegna and Rigo rivers also flow in the underlying valley. In the southern part of the reserve, where the orography is less rigid, visitors can start to see the natural characteristics of the Maremma area. The ravines of the Albegna, under the  Rocchette di Fazio and its affluent Rigo, immediately revealed to the group the area's rich flora and fauna. In the northern part of the protected area, there are many woodlands that can be divided into the following categories: mixed woodlands - especially between the Albegna and Rigo rivers - made up of turkey oaks and downy oaks, but also of ash trees, hornbeams, maples, pear trees, apple trees, cherry trees, and sorb trees; holm oak woodlands, which extends from the west of the Rigo to the Albegn; shrubbery along the banks of the Albegna river. In the southern part of the reserve, there is a prevalence of olive trees, wild and cultivated fields, and much shrubbery, like blackberry bushes, hawthorns, bullace bushes, and cornel trees.

Of particular interest is the incredible rupicola and variety of orchids (some 25 species identified).The fauna in the Rocconi Reserve is also noteworthy. The presence of harrier eagles, lanners and other protected species are exceptional. There is also a large community of Hermann turtles and other reptiles, like the coluber, grass snakes, the common viper snake, and the Riccioli coluber. Among the mammal species are the wild cat, martens, and more sporadically, wolves and otters.The importance of the fauna that lives in the Rocconi reserve is, however, mostly for ornithology, or rather bird watching. In fact, there are many species present that need protection according to the European Union's list of endangered species, as stipulated at the Bern Convention. Some of these are the small harrier, the horned owl, the wood-chat shrike, the honey-buzzard, the common owl, the kingfisher, the green woodpecker and the white-throated dipper.
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