The Rimigliano Nature Reserve

An inviting oasis of flora and fauna right on the coast

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The Rimigliano Nature Reserve, with its uncontaminated and protected environment, is an inviting oasis of flora and fauna situated right next to the sea – an ideal place for peaceful walks.

The park was established on a 120 hectare plot in 1973 and is one of the most enchanting places along the coast.

Sea lilies flower on the sands between San Vincenzo and Baratti, while the dunes are covered with juniper, myrtle. Mastic Holm oaks, cork trees and dense pinewoods border the golden sandy beaches. There is free access to the beach where a variety of amenities are offered, look out for the many ‘Punto Azzurro’ for seaside facilities. Wild rabbits, weasels, foxes and pheasants are among the fauna to be found in the park.