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Places of worship

The parish church of San Pancrazio

Romanesque gem spotlights local history

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Via delle Terme Romane, 10
The Romanesque church of San Pancrazio (XIII century) was built on a location where pagan worship was once practiced. It was built over the remains of the Roman ‘Curia’ and inside, you’ll find an evocative crypt from the Byzantine era (VII - VIII century).
This structure also hosts an attractive capital and numerous remains from the high medieval period. The church has undergone many structural changes and today, only the apse remains of the original building. Other noteworthy elements include a Roman stone marble dedicated to the ‘Genius curiae” which dates back to 375 AD and a sandstone monolith commemorating the church’s rededication in 1259.
Inside, you’ll find two Giotto crucifixes on canvas, painted by the Rimini school (mid-fourteenth century) and various paintings including ‘Nativity with saints’ (XVII century), ‘The Stigmata of Saint Francis’ (XVIII century) and ‘The Martyr of San Pancrazio’ (XVIII century).
Taste of ancient history and wonderful landscapes in this place that sits between Tuscany and Umbria
Sestino an ancient land that has always been trampled by peoples that, following the Foglia and Marecchia rivers, or the primordial and then consolidated roads, travelled here leaving traces of their passage and of their settlement. ...