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Parish church of San Pancrazio
Photo © LigaDue
Photo © LigaDue

Parish church of San Pancrazio in Sestino

Places of worship

A building with a long history and a fascinating frame

The Romanesque parish church of San Pancrazio in Sestino stands on the site where worship has been practiced since pagan times. It was built over the remains of the ancient Roman curia and contains a fascinating crypt from the Byzantine era (7th-8th centuries), still in an excellent state of preservation and characterized by an interesting barbarian capital and numerous early medieval artifacts.

The church has undergone numerous structural interventions over time, and today only the apse remains intact of the original building. A Roman marble memorial stone with a dedication to the "Genius curiae" dated 375 A.D. and a sandstone monolith with an inscription commemorating the date of the building's reconsecration (August 17, 1259) constitute, respectively, the foot and surface of the high altar.

Among the paintings: two Giottesque crucifixes on panel of the Rimini school (mid-14th century), several canvases including a Nativity with Saints (17th century) embellished with a golden wooden frame, an Adoration of the Magi (17th century), the Stigmata of St. Francis (18th century) and the Martyrdom of St. Pancras (18th century).

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