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Museum of Peasant Culture
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The Museum of Peasant Culture


Evidence of the lives and trades of the women and men who inhabited this territory

The Museum of Peasant Culture is located in Montecastelli Pisano - a fortified village a few kilometers from Castelnuovo Val di Cecina - and collects objects from the daily life of peasant families between the 19th and 20th centuries.
It represents an important tribute to the people whose work, often hard and strenuous, preserved and cared for the Tuscan landscape, helping to make the area one of the world's most valued territories.

Museum of Peasant Culture
Museum of Peasant Culture - Credit:

The museum was created thanks to the cooperation of the inhabitants of Montecastelli who donated all the exhibits that were used for agricultural work, forestry, weaving and crafts work.
Thus, one can find carpenter's, cobbler's, farrier's, and saddler's utensils, molds for the production of tiles and bricks, scales, and many other tools that have been properly restored and catalogued, bearing witness to the life that took place in the village, often under difficult economic and environmental conditions.

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