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Montefalcone Nature Reserve

Castelfranco di Sotto is home to the most important protected area in Cerbaie

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Castelfranco di Sotto

The Montefalcone Nature Reserve is located in the municipality of Castelfranco di Sotto, and is the most important protected in the Cerbaie, the hill chain in the lower Valdarno flanked by the Bientina and Fucecchio marshes.

The area extends for 503 hectares and alternates between high plains and thalwegs, which vary in height from 45 to 114 metres. The thalwegs, known as “little valleys,” are narrow in the mountains and wider further down, characterized by winding routes and occasional flooding.

This evocative landscape is incredibly beautiful thanks to the presence of a lush forest. The area is covered by extensive woods of maritime pine and Mediterranean scrub, which are home to deer and wild boar, as well as wolves, dormice, beech martens, skunks and weasels. In the wetlands, there are grey herons, common kingfishers and mallards.

Castelfranco di Sotto
A medieval town that still conserves its Roman layout
Castelfranco di Sotto is located in the Valdarno Inferiore, particularly in the part known as the “leather district” thanks to a thriving industry in this area. The city conserves the ancient layout of a Roman castrum: two main roads that intersect in the middle, forming four secure gateways to access the city. ...