Il giardino di Daniel Spoerri

The Daniel Spoerri Garden

Sculpture in the heart of southern Tuscany

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This unique garden boasts 79 different works by 40 different artists in a 16 hectare space. Daniel Spoerri, an eclectic figure on the contemporary art scene from the 1960s to today, began creating this installation garden in southern Tuscany (80 km south of Siena) during the early 1990s. In 1997, the Daniel Spoerri Garden opened to the public; it is open to visitors from Easter through October. The name “Garden” is now a geographic denomination, but on older maps it is listed as “Paradiso”. From an environmental standpoint, the area is greener and more flourishing than the typical Sienese surroundings with its solitary hillside cypress trees.

The sculptures are revealed one by one as visitors discover the garden's various paths, often times, the works are hidden in the greenery in an effort to create an element of surprise, enchantment and memory. The garden combines Baroque, Renaissance and Romantic elements. In addition to works by Spoerri himself, there are numerous works by his artists friends, including: Eva Aeppli, Arman, Till Augustin, Ay-o, Roberto Barni, Erik Dietman, Katharina Duwen, Karl Gerstner, Luciano Ghersi , Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Alfonso Hüppi, Juliane Kühn, Zoltan Ludwig Kruse, Bernhard Luginbühl, Ursi Luginbühl, Birgit Neumann, Luigi Mainolfi, Meret Oppenheim, Dieter Roth , Susanne Runge, Uwe Schloen, Kimitake Sato, Pavel Schmidt, Esther Seidel, Patrick Steiner, Jesus Rafael Soto, Paul Talman, André Thomkins, Jean Tinguely, Roland Topor and Paul Wiedmer.