Museo Avis di Paleontologia e mineralogia a Scandicci (GAMPS)

The Avis Museum of Paleontology and Mineralogy (GAMPS)

GAMPS has set up a teaching aid to schools and all those who are interested in learning the origins of the Tuscan territory

The museum is located on the first floor of in the former school in Badia a Settimo, which is known today as the Civico Ofelia Mangini. All of the items on display in the museum are there thanks to the research done by members of GAMPS, including the paleontology items, which were also discovered by GAMPS members. A room in the museum is showcases a systematic collection of minerals that was donated to the museum by the Pellegatta family. In addition, the paleontology section was enriched thanks to the donation of the Nedo Malpassi collection, which is comprised of 100 items, many of which are of great value and importance.

Among the most notable works on display is the whale fossil found in Castelfiorentino (a 9-meter long Pliocene whale). It is the most complete fossilized skeleton of a whale in Europe, and is currently the subject of study as it may be the only evidence of a new whale species that is extinct today.

Nice town only 6 kms from the heart of Florence
Scandicci borders Signa and Campi Bisenzio to the north, Florence to the north-east, Impruneta to the east, San Casciano to the south-east, Montespertoli to the south-west and Lastra a Signa to the west. The town is only 6kms from the heart of Florence. ...