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Abbey of San Salvatore in Vaiano

Places of worship

The monastery was founded by Benedictine monks between the 9th and 10th centuries

The Abbey of San Salvatore in Vaiano was part of a monastery founded by Cassinese Benedictine monks between the 9th and 10th centuries. It was remodelled to some extent during the 1100s, having passed to the Vallombrosan monks in 1075, but other modifications took place over the later centuries. In 1808 the monastery was suppressed by the Napoleonic government and remained a simple parish until 1925, when it was elevated to higher status. 

The bell tower, which stands 40 metres high, was built in 1258 in alberese stone with serpent-green inserts, and is an interesting example of Pratese Romanesque. The inside is home to many artworks, such as a beautiful 16th-century Madonna by Giovanni Maria Butteri, who also made the crucifix (c.1580) in the chancel. The old monastic structure rests against the right-hand side of the church, which on the far left has the late 14th-century door through which you pass to the Renaissance cloister. The abbey's museum is found in the convent area.

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