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Places of worship

The Abbey of San Salvatore at Vaiano

The monastery was founded by Benedictine monks between the 9th and 10th centuries

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A few modifications to the building were made as early as the 12th century after ownership of the monastery passed into the hands of monks from the Vallombrosian Order, but interventions continued in the coming centuries. In 1808 the monastery was closed by the Napoleonic government and it remained as a simple parish church until 1925.The bell tower was built in 1258. At 40 meters, it is an interesting example of the Pratese Romanesque style, made from pietra alberese and the local deep green serpentine.

The intererior of the church conserves a number art works. Two works by Giovanni Maria Butteri are found in the church and presbytery: a Madonna and a Crucifix (ca. 1580). To the right of the church is the structure of the ex-monastery which still has a late-15th century entranceleading to a Renaissance cloister. The Museum of the Abbey is located in the convent.

Source: Prato APT

During a visit to this town you can admire the Abbey of San Salvatore
The council of Vaiano is in a hollow of the Prato territory, surrounded by green, and has a population of about 9,500 inhabitants. Visiting it you can admire the Abbey of San Salvatore and the Museum of the Abbey of San Salvatore. Still under Prato government, Vaiano only acquired civic autonomy in 1949. ...