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Church of San Giusto and San Clemente

Historical Buildings

The church is located among farmhouses and villas built on Medieval foundations

Although the Church of San Giusto and San Clemente, in Vaiano, was constructed in the Romanesque period, continuous renovations, on the inside and out, have changed its original image. The church was built under the patronage of the Vinaccesi, a Pratese family of Ghillbine magnates whose coat-of-arms can be seen both on the façade of the church and on marble fount inside.

The bell tower has maintained its medieval form of a solid stone structure. Inside, however, lots of influences can be seen: the 15th century can be seen in the Albarese stone walls and vault. Furthermore, the apse and the altar date from the 20th century and the colourful, wooden crucifix comes from the 18th century. A Madonna and Child, that still hangs in the church, can be attributed to Michele delle Colombe (1573-1591).