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National Etruscan Museum in Chiusi


Etruscan treasures from the territory are on display

The National Etruscan Museum of Chiusi collects Etruscan, Roman and Lombard artifacts from the area, and its tour includes the Etruscan tombs of the Monkey, the Hill, the Lion and the Pilgrim, located a short distance from the urban center. An important restoration workshop, specializing in archaeological material, is also attached.
The exhibition itinerary is organized chronologically-thematically and takes visitors from Prehistory to the Middle Ages by displaying ceramics, sculptures, gold and silver ornaments, the famous chiusini canopic jars, painted and decorated urns in relief, and reconstructions of the main tombs in the area.

The Dolciano canopic jar, Chiusi
The Dolciano canopic jar, Chiusi - Credit: Fabrizio Garrisi

Among the most notable finds are canopic jars (anthropomorphic vessels intended to collect the ashes of the deceased), including the canopic jar of Dolciano on an ornate bronze throne. Also present are stone sculptures depicting sphinxes, as well as black-and-red-figure Attic ceramics with scenes of Greek mythology featuring Achilles and Ajax or Penelope and Telemachus from the Odyssey.

Also significant are works of Etruscan jewelry, the trousseau from the Tomb of Pania, and the splendid marble and alabaster urns with the portrait of the deceased on the lid and mythological scenes on the case, in which winged demons from the Etruscan otherworld are also seen.

The museum also provides educational workshops and an in-depth tour for schools of all levels.

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Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Chiusi
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