Museum of Straw
Photo ©Museo della Paglia e dell'intreccio Domenico Michelacci, Signa

Museum of Straw

A collection of working tools and equipment, samples, straw objects, photographs and fake hair in Signa

Via degli Alberti, 11
The museum is located in the municipal building in Signa that also holds the civic library and the historical archive of the municipality. It gathers working material, equipment, documents and photographs related to the cultivation and working of straw for the production of false hair and other fashion accessories. The museum also contains a large collection of braided objects from various parts of the world. It is divided in two display rooms that showcase both permanent collections and thematic temporary exhibitions.

The museum also curates the magazine, called Testi e studi, which publishes the results of scientific research studies carried out by the museum. Items in the collection were donated to the museum by private collectors and a handful of historic firms that are still in operation today.

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Signa is located in the province of Florence
Since the Middle Ages, the municipality of Signa was of great historical importance because of its strategic position. It is also an interesting area in terms of culture and art. The town is comprised of a low-lying part, which extends along the Arno river, and an ancient center that is found on higher ground, called "Castello". ...