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Photo © Ambito Costa degli Etruschi
Photo © Ambito Costa degli Etruschi

Macchia della Magona in Bibbona

Naturalistic attractions

A protected natural area ideal for lovers of hiking

A sea of green which stretches for over 1600 hectares: this is the Macchia della Magona in Bibbona, a protected natural area, formerly a wood reserve, which can be visited all eyear round and is the perfect destination for nature and sport tourism.

Seventeen paths wind along 50 kilometres, for hiking, horse-riding and mountain bike riding, in a Tuscan environment which has a dense and rich vegetation. In the forest, along the level ground, hills and around the trenches, there are deciduous woods and pines, brooms, holm oaks, strawberry trees, maples and elms and many shrub-like species which are typical of Mediterranean scrub, like the mastic tree, viburnum and heather.

The Macchia della Magona is the perfect habitat for several animal species: boars, roe deer, fallow deer, mouflons, hares, foxes, porcupines, badgers, squirrels, martens and many migratory birds like the woodcock, the dovecot and the buzzard.