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La macchia della magona a Bibbona

Macchia della Magona woods

Mediterranean paradise for flora and fauna

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A woodsy sea of green spreading over 1,600 hectares, this protected natural area was once a timber reserve. It can be visited all year round and proves an ideal holiday location for nature or sports enthusiasts. The area boasts sixteen different routes for excursions on foot, horseback or mountain bike through 50 km of typically Tuscan scenery, filled with Mediterranean vegetation.

Visitors can enjoy the broadleaf and pine woods that dot the plains and hills, growing along the area’s ditches. Broom, holm-oak, strawberry trees, maple and elm grow in the woods together with many shrubs typical of Mediterranean scrub, such as mastic, guelder rose and heather.

The Macchia della Magona is an ideal habitat for numerous animals; wild boar, roe deer, fallow deer, moufflon, hare, fox, porcupine, badger, squirrel and pine marten all make their home here, while snipe, woodpigeon and buzzard are some of the migratory birds that stop in the area to rest.

A medieval village between woodsy hills, crystal-clear waters
Bibbona perfectly mixes the charm of medieval towns with that of its surrounding green forests and countryside. The town dates to the Villanovan era and was later inhabited by Etruscans. Today, Bibbona vaunts a centuries-old fortress, once the residence of its ruling family. ...