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Giotto House Museum


The house where the artist was born is in Vicchio, located in the Vespignano hills

The Giotto House Museum is situated in Vicchio, in the Vespignano hills, the site of an ancient castle where, tradition has it, the artist was born in 1267. It now houses a collection of materials and testimonies of Giotto’s life.

The house museum was an old, modest building dating to the medieval period that over time had been subject to more than a few alterations. After its first substantial intervention in 1840, other renovations followed towards the end of the century (testified by a plaque on the building’s facade), which altered its original appearance, enriching it by the addition of stone window frames and a Gothic-style doorway.

As a result of the 2008 restoration, the new Giotto House Museum does not present itself as a museum in the traditional meaning of the word, but rather as a space of experiences, encounters and artistic productions that comes to life at weekends, for events and during school trips.

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