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Le Terme Tamerici di Montecatini Terme
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Galileo Chini at the Terme Tamerici

Montecatini’s a treasure trove of Art Nouveau

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Montecatini Terme
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Montecatini, a Tuscan treasure trove of the Liberty style, along with the likes of Viareggio, hosts many works by Galileo Chini, a master of the art of ceramics. The ‘Terme Tamerici’ thermal baths is one of the local resorts that best preserves the work of this creative genius, who had a hand in giving this city its unmistakable Art Nouveau feel. Originally property of the Schmitz family, the Tamerici thermal bath resort was founded in the 1800s and restored in 1909, thanks to architects Giulio Bernardini and Ugo Giusti, in collaboration with Galileo Chini.

Its most characteristic room, the ‘Sala della Mescita’ is especially noteworthy thanks to its mural wall decorations and floor tiles that Chini designed especially for the setting. The Tamerici’s most interesting decorative elements are the Pavilion’s decorations; this evocative dome-like structure hosts arabesques in wrought iron and it is said to have inspired Florence’s Villa La Capponcina, the historical Residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio. The building’s façade boasts four base-relief works by Domenico Trentacoste of Palermo which were presented for the first time in 1902 at Torino’s ‘Italian Exposition for Decorative Arts’. It was the first time that Italy welcomed the arrival of the then-unknown material: grès. In reference to the works of Trentacoste, author Arduino Colasanti describes how the artist, ‘modeled four panels thanks to his wise art that upholds a balance between strength and gentleness.’
Montecatini Terme
Montecatini Terme, located just a few kilometres from some of the major cities of art in Tuscany and from the two main regional airports, owes its fame to the therapeutic properties of its waters, the elegance of its buildings and the architectural heritage found around the springs. ...