La Casa del Pontormo a Empoli

Empoli, The House of Pontormo

The native home of one of the greatest exponents of modern Tuscan Mannerism

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The house where Jacopo Carucci, also known as “Il Pontormo”, was born in 1494 became a museum in an effort to preserve it and make it a memorial to the artistic and cultural greatness of the city of Empoli.
The museum aims to educate art lovers on the life and work of Pontormo and the era in which he lived. It functions as a research centre as it also hosts the Centre for studies in sixteenth century art as well as the Didactic Department of the culture superintendence of the city of Empoli.

This medieval building has three floors and was confirmed as the native home of Pontormo in 1956 thanks to the research done into medieval documents, which was conducted by Ugo Procacci. The building was restored in order to function as an exhibition and didactic space, although it did not alter the structure or formal elements of the building.

The museum-home displays facsimiles of the preparatory designs of the altarpiece in the San Michele Church in Pontorme, the facsimile of the painter’s personal diary, and earthenware and ceramics that were found during the restoration works. It also displays a sixteenth century canvas that is a reproduction of an original work by Pontormo.

Opening hours:
Thursday to Friday, from 10am to 1pm; Saturdays and holidays, from 4pm to 7pm. The museum is also open by appointment.

Ticket Price:
Free entrance.

Disabled Accessible:
Partial access to the disabled.

via Pontorme 97
Tel.: 0571994346