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Church of San Piero in Agliana

Places of worship

A religious building with relics of St Peter and St Vincent inside

The church of San Piero is located in Agliana's piazza Gramsci. It is known to have existed since at least 1152, but the structure as we see it today dates from the late 1800s, having been totally demolished and rebuilt. The Neoclassical-style facade presents three statues, Peter and Paul together with Christ, while the walls inside are painted with the history of Saint Peter and hung with two canvasses from different periods.

The more recent is a depiction of the Holy Family by the Antonio Puccinelli, while the other is from the 17th century and is attributed to Baldassare Franceschini, better known as 'il Volterrano'. We also find five altars inside the church, and the biggest is recognisable by the 16th-century wooded cross that embellishes it; it is near here that the relics of Saint Peter and Saint Vincent are kept.

The Chapel of the Santissimo Sacramento, also from the 16th century, is close by too. This is where some of the later mural paintings are preserved, along with the contemporaneous panel on the altar. Even if it has undergone heavy modifications, it is worth noting the 19th-century church organ, which was produced by the historic Pistoiese firm Agati-Tronci.

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