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Chiesa della Buona Morte


The Church of the Company of Prayer and Death that rise in the historical centre of Castiglion Fiorentino

The Compagnia di Orazione e Morte (Company of Prayer and Death) or Compagnia della buona morte (Company of the Good Death) arose in 1572 to organize a service of prayer, transport, and burial of the dead. In addition, its members assisted those condemned to death and buried those who had left no money for their burial. The members of the Company obtained as their headquarters the ruins of the church of St. Sylvester, documented since the 13th century, and rebuilt it under the title of Santa Croce (Holy Cross). The interior, with a single nave, features a wooden coffered ceiling in the centre of which is a high relief carved and painted in 1618, probably the work of Niccolò di Smeraldo Salvi. Also by the same author is the wooden statue of Christ tied to the column. A crucifix is kept on the left side altar.

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