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Bicocchi House and the Warriors and Artisans Exhibition in Pomarance


Home to archeological artefacts found in the Val di Cecina territory

The Bicocchi House Museum in Pomarance is a sample of life amongst the aristocracy in the 19th century, perfectly preserved, with rich décor, decorated ceilings and precious furnishings. Every room contains period furniture and objects that belonged to the Bicocchi family, rich magistrates in the municipality of Pomarance

The house comprises a kitchen, coatroom, dining hall, library, young girl’s room, “red” room, “pink” room, “green” room, the chapel and the music parlour.

The historic rooms of Bicocchi House, in Ricci Palace, are also home to the permanent exhibition on Warriors and Artisans, which displays archeological artefacts that illustrate a territory inhabited from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. The objects conserved in the museum come from excavations carried out in various areas around the municipality of Pomarance and in the Rocca Sillana, the most important and longest-surviving medieval castle in the area, on the border with the territories of Florence, Volterra and Siena.

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