Belforti Tower, or Civic Tower

The tower is owned by the Jesi Arrighi family and is closed to the public

Via Torricelle, 5
The Belforti Tower rises in above the village. It is the most significant element of a defensive system which still includes round turrets that were probably part of the circular wall and the road that led to the castle. It is a quadrangular construction dating from the 11th century, with exceptionally thick walls built of black ashlars arranged in strips. Taking into consideration the two and a half metres below ground, the tower can be assumed to have originally measured more than thirty metres in height. The lower portion is characterized by black and white stripes. Now lacking its crenellation, the tower belonged to various Volterran families (Belforti, Pannocchieschi and Inghirami) and was the residence of Volterran and Florentine captains until it passed into the hands of the French barons of Rochefort. Numerous windows and two transverse holes opened by order of the Belforti afford a view extending to the Keep of Volterra and the Rocca Sillana. During World War II the tower also served as a shelter against artillery bombardments. At the end of the 1960s it was restored and is now privately owned.

Via Emilio Jesi, 1
Montecatini Val di Cecina
0588- 30055

Source: Apt Pisa
Montecatini Val di Cecina
A delightful village that has preserved its mediaeval core
Montecatini Val di Cecina is situated south of the river Cecina, in the centre of the valley bearing its name, on the west slope of Poggio la Croce. The village has a mediaeval centre, next to which has been built the more recent part, down in the valley. ...