Antiquarium of 'Poggio Civitate' Archaeological Museum, Murlo

One of the most important discoveries about the populating of northern Etruria - the visitor is offered a rare insight into the Etruscan civilisation

Inaugurated in 1988, the Museum exhibits numerous archaeological findings from the territory of the commune. As well as the collections from the necropolis of Poggio Aguzzo (VII century BC), of equal importance are the materials found in the Etruscan site of Poggio Civitate which document one of the most important discoveries regarding the populating of northern Etruria. The excavation site of Poggio Civitate has brought to light the extraordinary remains of a princely residence that show two different phases of construction (orientalising and ancient), dating back to the VII-VI centuries BC, and document the importance of the Etruscan presence in the Valle dell'Ombrone. Among the most important findings there are terracotta slabs depicting banquet scenes, assemblies, processions and a horse-race.

These have been displayed in their original function of architectonic friezes in a reconstruction of the pitched roof of the building, on the top of which is collocated the most famous piece of the museum – a human statue with beard and hat, accompanied by a sphinx, which represents a unique example of a fictile or clay acroterion. As well as other pieces from the prince's residence, including other fictile acroterions, the Antiquarium exhibits findings from tombs and from a laboratory of local handicraft, thus offering the visitor a rare and detailed insight into the Etruscan civilisation of that period. The museum also has a restoration laboratory and periodically hosts conferences, exhibitions and seminars on the territory, the art and techniques of ancient manufacture, such as goldsmith's art, bronze sculpture and the art and techniques of modelling terracotta.
Murlo is an ancient Medieval small town in the Metallifere Hills and near the river Crevole
There are many monuments and historical buildings to visit in the municipality of Murlo such as Murlo Castle, San Fortunato Church and the Palazzone. The archaeological site of Poggio Civitale where many Etruscan finds have been unearthed is nearby. The Museo Civico Archeologico (Civic Archaeological Museum) in Murlo houses many locally found Etruscan artefacts. ...