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Antiquarium, Poggio Civitate Archaeological Museum


The museum is housed in the old Palazzo Vescovile in Murlo

The Antiquarium of the Poggio Civitate Archaeological Museum in Murlo is exhibited in the old Palazzo Vescovile. Besides the findings in the necropolis of Poggio Aguzzo (7th century BCE), numerous archaeological artefacts are on display from the surrounding area, among which the materials uncovered in the important Etruscan site of Poggio Civitate stand out, which document one of the most significant discoveries with regards to the population of northern Etruria.

The excavations of Poggio Civitate have brought to light the extraordinary remains of a royal dwelling that demonstrate two different architectural periods (Orientalising and Archaic) dating back to the 7th-6th century BCE, and document the importance of the Etruscan presence in the Valle dell’Ombrone.


Among the artefacts of greater significance and quality are the terracotta slabs that portray banquet scenes, assemblies, processions and horse racing. The latter were returned to their original function as architectural decoration when reconstructing the roof of the royal residence. At the top of the building we see the most celebrated piece in the museum: a human statue with a beard and hat, accompanied by a sphinx, which represents an example of clay acroterion, highly significant and unique in its kind. 

Antiquarium Poggio Civitate Murlo
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