Terme Antica Querciolaia
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Antica Querciolaia of Rapolano

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Rapolano Terme

Rapolano Terme offers a dip into the art, history and beauty of the Sienese countryside. The spa complex is located in a strategic location between major tourist centers like Siena, the Crete Senesi, the Chianti area and Florence. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, the elegant, functional Querciolaia spa complex was recently expanded.


It consists of four large thermal pools fed by thermal water at different temperatures, a Kneipp therapy option and a whirlpool, which are open until late at night on the weekends, along with a well-equipped spa center. The spa’s offering ranges from thermal baths to mud therapy, inhalations, physiotherapy and rehab programs to improve health, beauty and well-being, always carefully designed for the specific needs of each individual.

All this will help you to get back in touch with centuries-old, often forgotten contact with the natural elements.


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Rapolano Terme
Artisans , thermal spa and culture mix in this ancient Roman town
The town of Rapolano Terme is located near Siena and is well known for its mix of history, culture and natural resources. Founded by the Romans, the area boasts two ancient thermal baths - Antica Querciolaia and Terme di San Giovanni - both open year round. Rapolano Terme is also known for its travertine, a stone deposited in the fresh waters surrounding the area, first discovered in 1597. ...