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Cantine Aperte

Guided visits, tastings and a special program of activities for the whole family

Cantine Aperte is an initiative of the Movimento Turismo del Vino (MTV), founded in 1993 and involving nearly 100 wineries spread around Tuscany, as well as many others throughout Italy.

During the final weekend of May, the harvest season and again at Christmastime, the project’s participating wineries open their doors to the public to offer guided visits, tastings and a special program of activities for the whole family.

Over time, Cantine Aperte has become a journey in its own right, one that allows visitors not only to sample numerous products and purchase them directly from their producers, but to discover secrets of the harvest, of vinification and refinement.

The common theme uniting all of the participating wineries during the May 2018 event is “Gustiamo il Bello della Toscana”, spanning tastings, a collection of historic bicycles from the Eroica race, and secret rooms of 19th century castles and villas.

In September, the wineries will once again welcome wine lovers into the magical atmosphere of the harvest. The chosen theme for this edition is La Merenda Toscana (the Tuscan snack), intended to be a convivial event among wine lovers, who will get the chance to partake in one of the most important and fascinating moments in the work processes of winemaking companies.

Finally, in December you’ll have the chance to discover the magic of Christmas at the wineries (Natale in cantina). It’s an exciting chance to try fine wines and purchase original gifts.


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