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Trekking to the archaeological site Cote Ciombella

A Megalithic Path on the Giglio Island

An itinerary that starts from Giglio Castello at le Porte and goes as far as Sasso Ritto and then reaches one of the most beautiful beaches on the Island. A beautiful route suitable for trekking and mountain biking, full of charm and breathtaking views that reaches a megalithic site discovered in the 1980s and inaugurated a few years ago.

The route crosses stupendous ridges, amid intoxicating scents, enveloped in wonderful colors and the scent of the sea. You will be fascinated by the megalithic structures that have served as shelters for humans and animals since prehistoric times and you will reach one of the island's most symbolic viewpoints. You will then descend to a paradisiacal beach, where you can stop and bathe in the crystal clear waters of the Tuscan archipelago.


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