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Brattello Pass and ring of Monte dei Forni

Walking in the Brattello Forest, emerald of Lunigiana

by  Lunigiana

The starting point of this ring trail is Brattello Pass, in the municipality of Pontremoli.

We enter the Brattello forest complex, reaching a first picnic area and then, keeping to the right at the crossroads, continue to the second picnic area, an excellent spot for eating and relaxing in the shade of the spruce forest. Immediately afterwards we follow the signs for the "Via degli Antichi Confini" (Street of the Ancient Boundaries), which allows a loop around Monte dei Forni.

We complete the ring by returning back to the picnic area and then to Brattello Pass. On the way back, the villages of Braia, Bratto, Grondola and Traverde are worth a stop.


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