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Valle dell'Inferno by bike

A bike route to admire the Nature Reserve of the Valle dell’Inferno e Bandella
by  Valdarno

The Nature Reserve of the Valle dell’Inferno e Bandella is a natural area protected by Tuscany located along the stretch of the Arno river in the Valdarno. The Nature Reserve develops in the basin of the ENEL hydroelectric power plant in Levane and is characterized by a section of the Arno river flowing smoothly through the Valle dell'Inferno and the Ansa di Bandella, a marshland zone, formed in the valley bottom of the Ascione Creek and at the edge of the lake originated by the construction of the dam in the late 1950s for power generation.

Legend has it that Dante Alighieri, passing by these places, found the ferryman named Charon who let wayfarers cross the Arno, and Dante was inspired by his name and these inaccessible places for the "Divine Comedy”.

The Borro, which is worth a visit, is a small village located at 20 kilometers from Arezzo on the slopes of Pratomagno, crossed by an old Roman road, the Via Cassia. It takes its name from its castle, which is located 275 meters above sea level; the village is positioned at the summit of a spire, a typical element of the Valdarno plateau. Today the village, which has been completely restored, is owned by the Ferragamo family: within the village there are hotels, restaurants, spas, and in the Church of San Biagio there exists a copy of the Holy Shroud, identical in reproduction and size to the one on display in the Turin Cathedral.


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