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Among the chestnut trees of the Ombrone valley by Mountain Bike

A challenging route for experts on the Mountains around Pistoia

Along this route on the Mountains around Pistoia, designed for experienced cyclists, we will explore hamlets where the chestnut tree was the main source of livelihood. The route starts from the main square of the village of Piteccio, a few kilometers north of the city of Pistoia. We take the ascent to the small village of Fabbiana and continue to the junction with State Road 64, then continue with a short dirt section to the locality of Signorino. Here we will find a fountain to fill our water bottles.

The climb continues to Collina and then proceeds on a dirt road to the first single track of the itinerary, the Sentiero Boia (Hangman Trail), which we will follow as far as the locality of Lagoni. Here we resume the uphill road that will take us back to Collina, where we will take another single track called "La Conca" (the Basin). The trail descends to Valdi.

Next we will resume the paved climb in the direction of Signorino and, after about 20 minutes, we will find another single track to ride downhill: "La Matta" (the Crazy One). Once we have traveled this track, we will be in Castagno, a characteristic museum village, and the Paterno tunnel, where we will find another fountain.

We turn right and, after a small climb, we will tackle another fairly wide single track called "Capriolo" (the Roe Deer), which will take us to the Piteccio train station, just above the village itself.


 Curated by AVDO (Alta Valle dell’Ombrone) Trail Area - Pistoia


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