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Forchettinagiramondo by Chiara Brandi

Mom, marketing expert and proudly Florentine. She loves to travel and cook. Find out recipes and news about what's going on around Tuscany on Forchettinagiramondo. forchettina Forchettinagiramondo has been included in our Hall of Fame! The Tuscanycious hall of fame highlights websites awarded a special badge for featuring information, stories and recipes about authentic Tuscan food and wine. If you are a food blogger, a food expert, or a food photographer and want to receive our badge to display on your website, then please email to socialmediateam@fondazionesistematoscana.it Forchettinagiramondo guest post on Tuscanycious: Fat tuesday: schiacciata alla Fiorentina flat cake  Rice and cardoon pie with chicken liver and Vinsanto