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The Tuscany Region offers all people staying there the same care it provides to its citizens.

Emergency Room

In case of serious medical emergencies, the Emergency number can be contacted immediately by dialing 112.

Otherwise, one can go to one of the hospitals in Tuscany (in the northwest area, the center, and the southeast area), where the Emergency Room service operates 24-hours.

The service is free of charge or involves a co-payment (cost-sharing) depending on the type of service for Italian and EU citizens with the European Health Insurance Card. For EU citizens without the EHIC or non-EU citizens, there is a fee for the service.

Medical guard

For less serious health problems, it is also possible to use the on-call medical service (free of charge for residents or those with a medical domicile in Tuscany) or the tourist medical service (paid service).


An extensive network of pharmacies can be found throughout the region, some operating 24 hours.

Pharmacies follow a shift system that guarantees service on Sundays and holidays: a calendar displayed outside each establishment makes it possible to locate the open pharmacy.

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