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Italian Four Saxophones

Italian Four Saxophones


A concert embracing a musical span of three centuries: Mozart, Rossini, Piazzolla, Gershwin.

As part of the event Spazi Aperti 2024 - Theaters of Pistoia, the Italian Four Saxophones quartet will present a program spanning three centuries of music in concert on June 28

The first part is dedicated to two musical geniuses who need no introduction, Mozart and Rossini. The quartet has worked for a long time on the operatic repertoire of the two musical giants, particularly on the overtures of the operas, instrumental pieces that encapsulate in a short span the style and meaning of the operas that follow them. In particular, the two masters have written overtures that are true masterpieces and are easily adapted to be played even separate from the operas, as has long been the practice.

The performance by the four saxophonists highlights how works from the 1700s and 1800s can retain their quality even when played by instruments that did not even exist when they were composed, offering listeners a new and unusual perspective, including through original transcriptions.  

In the second part, the quartet shifts to repertoire that is more usual for this ensemble and pays tribute to two other great composers, both American: Piazzolla and Gershwin

Italian Four Saxophones
Giovanni Baglioni, sax soprano
David Muntoni, sax contralto
Antonio Flumeri, sax tenor
Andrea Coppini, sax baritone


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