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Pieve S. Maria a Chianni in Gambassi Terme

ORT | All in One Go | Classica 2024


A Journey from Classicism to the 20th century with Chimaera Wind Quintet

On Sunday, June 30, at the Pieve S. Maria a Chianni, in Gambassi Terme, the concert by the Chimaera Wind Quintet, as part of the Classica 2024 festival.

All in One Go
Journey from Classicism to the 20th century
Andrea Mancini horn 
Viola Brambilla flute 
Emilio Checchini clarinet 
Luca Di Manso oboe 
Alejandra Rojas Garcia bassoon 

The Chimaera Wind Quintet was born from a series of fortunate contingencies in which five young musicians came together to explore the vast repertoire for wind quintet, a formation that in its simplicity offers the possibility of creating musical and human unity both among its members and with the audience. Thus, a homogeneous and close-knit group of first parts composed of soloists from the ORT and the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino was formed. This cohabitation of musicians from different parts of Italy and the world gave rise to the quintet's name, Chimera, a mythological creature formed by the fusion of numerous animals.

Free admission subject to availability

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